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It was with great honor and purpose that this local, boutique mortgage planning firm was founded. After years of originating, managing and overseeing billions of dollars of mortgage loans, Rod Shuster set out to re-imagine the mortgage experience as an advocate for clients. With a team of professionals dedicated to customer service, YOU are our number one priority and caring for your financial well-being is our primary focus. Utilizing technology, know-how, grit and gumption our team is able to gain access to solutions that seem unattainable.

This industry is changing fast and the structure of Journey Home Lending is designed to weather the storm with best-in-class systems and technological efficiency. We offer a unique lending experience that is borne out of Rod’s 25+ years’ experience in the mortgage industry, CPA and Certified Mortgage Lender background and business acumen enabling us to be an integral part of your wealth team.

Videos On Our Newest Innovations and Strategies in Mortgage Lending

1. BUY NOW OR LATER: If you're renting should you save more for a down payment and wait for a year or buy now? Click on this video to hear our thoughts and view the analysis: 

2. GROWING WEALTH FASTER IN REAL ESTATE: Click on this video to hear our thoughts concerning if it ever makes sense to take a higher rate to build wealth faster. We'll share the analysis on screen too. 

3. SELLER BUYDOWN STRATEGY: Click on this video to hear our thoughts and see the numbers about how it can make more sense to structure a seller-paid rate buydown rather than a price reduction. It's truly a win-win philosophy:

PURCHASE PRICE OPTIONS: Looking at the total cost over the long term. Click below to watch the video:

5. Rent V. Own: What does it really cost you to rent? Click below to watch the video:

IS A NO-COST REFINANCE RIGHT FOR YOU?  You could use monthly savings to pay your loan off faster or invest it.  Either way, it might be a great opportunity to grow your wealth faster with your real estate. Click below to watch the video:


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