5 Tips for Making the Moving Process Easier

5 Tips for Making the Moving Process Easier

Imagine this scenario: You have found the home of your dreams and sold your current home way above your asking price. (Hello, pandemic-related seller’s market!)

The thought of this sequence probably makes you excited. But what comes next—the moving part—may leave you a little less than thrilled and a little more anxious.

There’s no doubt about it. Even when you love the house you’re moving into, the actual moving process can sometimes be filled with challenges. That’s why we’d like to offer 5 tips for making the moving process easier. Read on to learn more.

How to Stress Less About Moving

It’s really interesting to consider, but during the pandemic over the last year, millions of American families have moved. How did they manage to get it done without being totally stressed out?

They may have relied on some of these tips:

  • Declutter before moving. If you’ve moved before, odds are that you found a box or two, weeks or months after moving, that you hadn’t unpacked—and didn’t really need. There’s no need to move that stuff! You’ll make the process of moving easier if you declutter as you pack. If you don’t need it, don’t pack it. Choose to donate it or responsibly discard it instead.
  • Try to pack as soon as possible. Anytime you put something off, it becomes more stressful as your deadline gets closer. That’s definitely the case with packing up your home to move! If your schedule allows, try to spread packing out over weeks, leaving only the essentials for the days right before your move. Your stress level will thank you!
  • Pack a bag of the essentials. Another thing that can stress you out. Not being able to find what you need on the first nights in your new home. Put together a clearly labeled box or even a suitcase containing the items you will need before everything else. This will include the items you’d need for a vacation (like your toothbrush and pajamas), as well as other basics like the coffee maker and your child’s favorite stuffed animal.
  • Pack strategically. Don’t leave open space in your boxes when you’re packing. Instead, use that space the same way you might fill in extra space in a suitcase. Drop-in items that will provide a “cushion,” such as towels, sheets, or clothing to fill in space with other items.
  • Don’t forget to turn the water on. Since you’re going to be living in your new home, it needs to be livable! Plan ahead and schedule prompt appointments after closing to have your water and electricity turned on and cable or other services installed.

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