Ask All the Questions During Your Home Buying Process

Ask All the Questions During Your Home Buying Process

Questions are a part of our everyday life. Should I eat this or that? Do I need a jacket today? Can my car go a little longer with the gas light on?

When you are buying a home, your daily questions likely increase tenfold. As with every big decision you have to make (and buying a home is bigger than big), making sure you are asking the right kinds of questions is essential to gathering all the information you need.

Ask all the questions, but focus on those you really need as you progress in your home-buying process so that you can make the most informed decision possible.

What to Ask Before Buying

When you are house-hunting, questions like “what school district is the home in” or “how many rooms and bathrooms” are certainly important, but you also need to think deeper in order to get information on the history of the house.

Finding out how long a home has been on the market and why the current homeowner is selling can tell you a lot about both the home and the area. While there are lots of reasons a home may stay on the market long-term, it does give you more bargaining flexibility as a buyer.

In the same way, understanding how motivated the seller may be can also clue you into how wide you can go on your offer. A seller who wants to move quickly is more likely to accept a lower bid.

If you have the opportunity, you might also consider asking the seller more emotional questions in order to get a feel for the house. What they liked best/least, when the last time they changed out appliances or flooring was, and dream changes they would have made given the opportunity—these are all questions that can clue you into what living in the house will be like.

Questions You Wish You Had Asked

You know when you are at the doctor’s office and they ask if you have any questions? You shake your head no, and then two hours later 14 different questions arise while you sigh and think “I wish I had asked that.”

So many new homeowners have been in the same position. It is always easier to think of questions when you are not in the moment.

When you tour a home, take a step away from big-picture items and consider questions like “have you ever had a burst pipe” or “what are the bugs like in the summer?” Think about your least favorite aspects of maintaining your current living situation, and ask what they will be like in your potential next home.

Ask about the roof and basement in order to consider any big updates you might be buying into, but also be willing to ask about noise levels within the home and where the most dust gathers. Your home should be a sanctuary, and you want to consider what truly living in each home is going to feel like.

As you move forward in your search, be sure to jot down any of those “I wish I had asked this” questions that pop into your brain later and ask them next time. If you saw a home you loved, call the realtor or seller back and ask the questions that pop up later. Be willing to ask anything and everything so that you can get the best picture of life in a new home.

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