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4 Reasons Why Fall Is a Great Time to Buy a Home | Journey Home Lending
Are you ready to jump into the new world of homeownership? Fall might just be the perfect season for you to get started! Our team at Journey Home Lending wants you to know the benefits that can come when purchasing a home during the fall season. Fall in Love With a Home This Season The...
Has the Time Come to Refinance Your Mortgage? | Journey Home Lending
Refinancing a mortgage—it’s something that not everyone considers or does, but for many people, it’s a great option. How can you know whether it’s right for you to …and whether now’s a good time to move ahead? Our team at Journey Home Lending...
Stand Strong with Your Credit Score for Your Mortgage | Rod Shuster-Journey Home Lending
When making the decision to own a home, there a few factors that come into play. One important factor is your current credit score. Our team at Journey Home Lending wants you to be able to obtain the best mortgage rate possible, which starts with a high credit score. Therefore, let’s...
Are You Ready to Buy a Home? | Journey Home Lending
Are You Ready to Buy a Home? | Journey Home Lending D Did you know that more than 60% of American families own their homes? Are you ready to be a part of this statistic? Our team at Journey Home Lending wants to let you know the signs to look for when it comes to being ready to...
Reimagining The Mortgage Experience
BY NATALIE ROONEY Growing up around CPAs, it was only natural that COCPA member Rod Shuster became a CPA himself. But after a traditional start in public accounting, he began putting his expertise to work in a new way — as a Certified Mortgage Lender. Now he’s sharing valuable...
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