Buying a Home in the Winter

Buying a Home in the Winter

Are you a seasonal shopper? Of course the holidays bring extra shopping, but do you wait to grab end-of-season sales or do you prefer to pick up supplies every few months to capitalize on bulk pricing?

Seasonal shopping can look like a lot of different things, and everyone engages in waiting to shop in certain seasons for certain items. When it comes to large purchases, though, there is so much pre-planning necessary that what season you are in likely doesn’t even come to mind.

If you have been considering purchasing a new home, winter might actually be the best time to do so. Waiting for the cold months comes with many advantages, which means you can find the home of your dreams even when the temperatures are lower.

What You Need to Know

If you thought that most people wouldn’t want to get out of their blankets to view, buy or sell a home—think again. More than a million homes are sold every winter in the United States. So, what is the advantage of home shopping in the winter?

For one thing, online shopping increases in the winter. With more people inside more often, searching the internet for what you need, including a new home, is incredibly common. Most house shoppers start their shopping on the internet year-round anyway, which makes winter a popular time to get started with the increased web browsing.

Another advantage of home shopping in the winter is motivated sellers. Just like you look forward to curling up on your couch with a blanket in your new home, sellers during the cold months are more anxious to let go of their properties. There may also be end-of-year tax benefits for both buyers and sellers, which means your process could be a lot faster than during other times of the year.

Why You Should Buy in the Winter

If you are ready to find the perfect house, there are some other reasons to wait until the winter to buy. Even if facing cold temps doesn’t sound the most appealing, purchasing a home in the winter can save you money and help you get the home you want with little competition.

The real estate market becomes more saturated during the spring and summer, which means fewer buyers in the winter and a faster closing process. Movers are more frequently available, too, which means you can get into your home on the exact timeline you want rather than fitting your move into other people’s schedules.

You also have the advantage of knowing exactly how your new home will handle cold weather. Cold temperatures, snow and ice are much harder on homes than most warmer weather risks. Touring a home in the winter can help you identify how drafty rooms can be, how well the roof is holding out and how well sealed the house is.

Even if you are one of those people who never wants to get out of a blanket in the winter, take advantage of the less saturated market and find the home of your dreams while the weather is cold.

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