House Shopping Is Over...and the Real Shopping Can Begin!

House Shopping Is Over...and the Real Shopping Can Begin!

You have chosen your house and signed the paperwork—everything is all yours! House shopping can be both exciting and a bit of a drag sometimes.

Buying a house is a huge decision, and the number of things to consider can make anyone’s head spin. Making your choice and getting handed the keys to your future is a great feeling. And it means that the fun shopping can begin.

A new house deserves new items to fill it. While that might mean big items like new furniture, it could also just be a few nice treats for your walls. If the thought of spending anything more after closing on a new home sends shivers down your spine, you can also make things feel new with elbow grease instead of dollar bills.

It’s important to make your new home feel like…well, your home. Consider a few things you can do or buy as you move in and make everything your own.

Things to Buy

Even if purchasing new items sounds like a scary endeavor after dedicating your finances to a new home, there are a few things that you should replace because, in the long run, it will save you money.

If your furniture is more than 10 years old, overly heavy or simply the wrong fit for your new home, replace it before you move. You can cut down on the size of moving truck you need, and the hours your move will take, which should lower the moving fee.

You should also ditch smaller items that could be harboring more than just memories. This includes trash cans, toilet brush holders, plungers, brooms and shower curtains. Starting with fresh items in your new home will help keep your new home fresh.

A few items you may not have considered replacing could make a big difference in your home. Toilet seats are a simple switch and changing them out could help you avoid germs or simply an uncomfortable throne. Changing out your light switch covers or outlet covers is another inexpensive and easy way to put a personal touch on your space.

Things to Do

Unless you have purchased a new home that meets your every desire, there are some maintenance items you will likely want to tackle before settling completely in. This is also a great way to make the space truly feel like yours without going on a shopping spree.

Start with updating flooring. Is there carpet in a room you don’t want it to be in, or do you want to carpet a room that doesn’t have any? Do the hardwoods need to be refinished, or do you want a different color? Even if it is just putting down rugs, tackle any flooring concerns before the move date, if possible, so you can avoid shuffling furniture room to room.

Give the home a deep cleaning before putting your items into place as well, and don’t forget to include cleaning the appliances. Clean under and behind the fridge, clean out the dryer lines to eliminate lint and make sure the gutters are blockage-free. While these are all things you should be doing at least once a year, it’s much easier to tackle these spots in an empty house.

Don’t forget to enjoy the process. You made it through the stresses of finding this home, now you get to make it your own. Don’t get bogged down in doing—instead find excitement in getting each item done.

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