Is That Roof OK?

Is That Roof OK?

Home-buying is both an exciting and a completely overwhelming experience. While you have the joy of imagining yourself and your family in the home of your dreams, you also have the paperwork, inspections, and actual move process to get through first.

While you are looking at homes, you are certainly taking note of the size of the house and the neighborhood it is located in, but you also have to note the very structure of the home. Paying close attention to plumbing, wiring and the roof can help you ensure you are buying a home that will last you long-term without tons of additional costs.

Once you are ready to purchase, a home inspection is a great way to make sure the bones of the house you have chosen are strong. You likely looked through the home pretty thoroughly yourself, but the roof is a crucial part of the home you might not have access to during viewings.

Get to know how to tell if a roof is going to be a breaking point when it comes to the home inspection so that there are no surprises and you can go back to building your dreams.

Signs the Roof Needs to Be Replaced

While you may not be able to go on the roof when you tour a home, you can ask to see the attic. This is a great way to examine for signs of past leaks or even current problems. If there is a musty odor or you can see sunlight streaming in, rain has likely been entering through the roof.

You can also walk the exterior of the home and look for issues. Look for missing shingles or areas where they have been replaced. Curled shingles are another sign of aging, as is rotting or deteriorated wood. Take a look at the gutter system as well and note any gaps or loose fittings. For a high roof that is hard to visibly check, look at the shutters around the home. Any granules that appear to be from shingles on the gutters is an indication that the roof is worn-out.

During your walk through the home, always ask the age of the roof. While different roofs have different life spans, a good rule of thumb is 15 years. Any roof that is more than 15 years old will need to be replaced very soon.

Signs the Roof Is Sturdy

Learning what to look for to indicate an aged roof is important, but it is also crucial to understand what a good roof looks like as well. Roofs endure a lot, but with proper maintenance even an older roof will provide many more years of protection.

Check the gutters not just for damages, but also for how clean they are. Clogged gutters can cause leaky roofs fast, so not only does a clean gutter mean your roof is protected, but it is also an indicator that maintenance was important to the previous homeowner.

Consider the roof’s pitch and its color when determining its condition. Steeper-pitched roofs wear down more quickly and are harder to maintain, while dark-colored roofs absorb a higher amount of heat that makes them susceptible to faster deterioration than others.

Regardless of your visual checks, make sure your home inspection is thorough when it comes to the roof. When you know what to look for, both the good and the bad, you will have fewer surprises, but you still need the most reassurance that what you’re buying is safe for your family.

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