Let Your Home Decluttering Begin

Let Your Home Decluttering Begin

Is your home still in chaos from the holiday season? Don’t worry. You are far from alone.

Our team at Journey Home Lending wants to offer you tips about how you can get your home decluttered this February.

Chaos can wreak chaos. The last place that should cause you chaos is your home. Fortunately, getting your home organized can help to provide a sense of peace and calm in your household.

Home Decluttering Process

Get started by picking one room each week to focus on decluttering. Then, go through these steps to get the room more organized:

First, have three storage bins ready: one marked “keep,” the other marked “donate” and the third marked “throw away.” As you go through the items in the room, you are going to place them into one of the three bins.

This is going to be hard, but you must be honest with yourself. If it is something you haven’t used or needed in a few months, then you probably don’t need to keep it. Therefore, put the item in either the “donate” or “throw away” bin. While the process will be difficult, it will be better in the long run in helping you keep the room organized.

Next, you want to find a home for every item you have decided to keep. Yes, everything has a home—and it is time to find the home for every item to help keep you organized.

Once you have established a home for every item, it will be a lot easier to put it back where it belongs after using it.

Finally, you want to do what you can to prevent the clutter from building up again. Consider purchasing smart storage containers to help keep each room clutter-free as the days go by in 2022. Then, as new items are purchased for the room, you can still have a place for things to go so that the room doesn’t become cluttered once again.

Looking to make your move into a new home this year? We are here for you! Contact the team at Journey Home Lending today.

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