Loan Process

The Unique Journey Home Lending Loan Process

The first step is crucial and sets the stage for your home buying experience. You and your mortgage advisor will discuss your short and long-term financial goals so we can customize a loan strategy for you and your family.

With your financial needs and long-term goals in mind, we create your Custom Loan Strategies. We send out your analysis along with a video and follow up with discussion so we can make meaningful personalized adjustments.

The goal of completing an application is to gather the necessary information to allow us to determine all the available loan programs and which ones would be the best fit for you so we can pre-qualify and pre-approve you for a loan.

This is where we need your help! By submitting your income and asset documentation along with all other requests upfront, this allows us to fully pre-underwrite your loan. You can upload all your documents electronically through our secure document portal

At this stage, we analyze the information provided and submit your data electronically either to an underwriter or to an automated underwriting engine for pre-approval. Upon completion, we will discuss your monthly payment information and cash needed to close on your new home.

Once you find a home and the seller accepts your offer, we’ll spring into action. Based on the dates listed in your contract, we’ll need to keep moving to keep the “train on the tracks”. So, we’ll need your help getting your e-signatures on your initial disclosures and getting your loan package submitted to processing and underwriting.

The underwriter reviews the appraisal, title work, and your income/asset documentation to verify you meet all the conditions for final approval. Upon completion, they will issue the Clear-to-Close approval and your file will be sent to the closing department to begin balancing figures with the title company.

The closing department works with the title company to assemble the final paperwork and balance the Closing Disclosure. Everything we do leading up to this point ensures a smooth and exciting experience.  We want you to enjoy this moment as you receive the keys to your new home or successfully refinance your mortgage!

We sincerely believe our work continues long after we close your loan. We’ll make sure you have up-to-date information about your mortgage by enrolling you in our mortgage digest platform. You’ll receive monthly information about your home’s value and mortgage balance. This helps us advise you on opportunities to refinance, invest in other real estate or otherwise build wealth in your portfolio. We also, welcome your questions any time after you close.