Packing Tips For Moving to Your New Home!

Packing Tips For Moving to Your New Home!

You just closed on your new home and your family is eager to move in. Congratulations!

Before you can set up shop in your new abode, though, you have to pack all of your belongings and get them to your new property.

We know—this isn’t the fun part. But your things have to get to your new place, right? Before you stress about the oh-so-many boxes and endless piles of kids’ toys, read these tips from our Journey Home Lending team to make packing for your new home a simpler, more organized process.

Declutter Before You Pack

Decluttering can start way before you’re packing to move! When you begin looking at homes, it may be a good idea to start the decluttering process.

That way, you’ll have more time to thoroughly get rid of your unused items and have less to deal with when it comes time to pack.

Room by room, start decluttering your entire home. Make sure to hit every drawer and closet, and don’t miss areas you normally wouldn’t think about decluttering, such as an entertainment center.

If you have children, be sure to re-home toys and clothing that no longer fit. Be realistic about what is being used regularly and what just sits around, taking up space.

Remember, the less you have, the less you will have to pack, unpack and organize in your new home.

Pack by Room

When taping up a box, make sure to label each box with its contents and its destination. Packing by room will make the unpacking process much simpler since you won’t have to move boxes from room to room.

Packing by room also helps keep fragile items, such as dinnerware, together and safe from potential damage. Using bubble wrap and other fillers can prevent you from having to purchase a new set of plates when you finally do unpack.

Don’t Overpack Heavy Items

Nothing is worse than packing up a box then being unable to lift it because it’s too heavy. With heavier items, make sure to pack lightly.

Also, don’t forget to place heavier boxes on the bottom of the moving truck and lighter boxes on top to prevent falls and item damage.

Getting a new home is an exciting time in your life! While the actual packing and moving process isn’t the most enjoyable, there are ways to make it easier for you and your family.

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