Preparing Kids for the Big Move

Preparing Kids for the Big Move

Picture this: You’ve found the perfect home for your family. There are enough bedrooms, lots of space and a big backyard. The kitchen is perfect for creating delicious homemade meals! You are thrilled to start a new chapter, and the only thing left is to actually move into your dream home.

But there’s one thing that has slipped your mind throughout the whole house-buying process: preparing your kids for the big move. They know that your family is moving to a new home, but you know this will be a huge transition for them. Fortunately, it isn’t too late to prepare them for your big move!

Keep Children Involved in the Process

When you’re beginning the moving process, let your children know. Make them aware that they will soon have a new home, and where.

You can also tell your kids when you’re viewing a house, what you thought about it and if it’s a contender for their future home.

Increase Familiarity

When looking at a new house, take pictures for your kids. Take photos of the surroundings and look up potential areas they’d like to go to, such as playgrounds.

Help them become familiar with areas that you are seriously considering moving to.

Have a Positive Going-Away Experience

Saying goodbye to friends and family can be hard—for everyone involved. Even if you aren’t excited about the move, it is important to keep things positive for your kids’ sake.

Remind your children that you’ll visit loved ones when you can, and have regular calls to keep in touch.

Encourage School and Community Involvement

When you’ve settled into your new home, help your kids transition to their new environment more smoothly by encouraging involvement with their school and community. Are there clubs or activities they can join?

Do some research, find out what your kids would enjoy and encourage them to sign up (or sign them up, if needed).

Continue Routines and Traditions

Research shows that children thrive with routines. Knowing what to expect every day, even with a big change, can help a child transition to a new environment.

It can be challenging to stick to routines when unpacking a new home and adjusting to the changes yourself, but try to get back into the swing of things as soon as possible.

Moving to a new home can be a challenge for everyone, but these tips can help your children transition to the new environment more easily. Before you know it, your entire family will be happy with the new, exciting changes in their lives!

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