Spring-Cleaning While Moving

Spring-Cleaning While Moving

Are you team spring-cleaning or does the very idea send chills of dread through your body? Either way, clearing out the seasonal dust and making room in the home and in life is something we all need to do.

If you are in the midst of a move, spring-cleaning can take on a whole new meaning. Depending on what camp you are in, you may feel completely overwhelmed by how in-depth your cleaning needs to be—or moving out of your home could feel like an invitation to skip it altogether.

While skipping it altogether might not be the best idea, you also don’t have to devote endless hours cleaning while you pack and prepare to head to your new home. Finding a comfortable middle ground is the perfect way to avoid moving your dust without going overboard.

Before the Move

Whether you love cleaning or hate it, your mindset can make a huge difference. One of the reasons there is so much conversation around cleaning is because spring is the season of renewal. Cleaning can bring a sense of peace and comfort; it can be a great mental health boost and it can help your home feel bright and new. That makes spring-cleaning and moving into a new home the perfect complement to each other.

Ahead of your move date, start thinking about what you want your new home to look like. Taking things room by room can be a helpful way to avoid becoming overwhelmed as you clean out, pack and tackle major dust bunnies. If you aren’t moving large pieces of furniture to your new home and can live without it until the move, go ahead and get rid of it. Clean the space where it lived well so that you can use that space for packed boxes without packing dust, dirt and grime.

Clean under furniture that is going with you as well. Remove couch cushions and pull out drawers to clean any residue. Consider how your furniture is going to be packed and take it apart in a similar fashion. By cleaning these unseen areas of your home, you cut down on cleaning time or professional cleaning costs once your belongings are out of your home.

In Your New Home

Packing, eliminating items you no longer need and cleaning your current home should certainly get the bulk of your attention as you prepare to move, but there are a few things you may want to spring-clean in your new home as well. If your contract and moving timeline allows it, cleaning your new home without your belongings in it will be much easier.

Take a top-down approach in your new home for a fast and effective deep-clean. Start by wiping down walls, cabinets, chair rails and baseboards.

Don’t skip closets, nooks and crannies. This may be one of the few times you can easily get into those spaces without having to move furniture and other heavy objects around. Give the floors a good cleaning last.

When you clean your cabinets out, go ahead and put down liners or make any adjustments needed. The kitchen tends to be one of the rooms in the home that takes the most work to move into—and one of the rooms you need almost immediately after moving in. Taking the time to prep your cabinets and pantry will help you put your dishes, silverware and other kitchen items away quickly, which means you can start snacking and cooking that much faster.

Let spring and a new move be the inspiration behind creating the perfect space for yourself and your family. Leave the dust of the old behind and step into a fresh new home and the start of a fresh new life.

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