Start Fresh by Refinancing in 2022

Start Fresh by Refinancing in 2022

A new year is always a good time for a fresh start. This is probably why we have the tradition of making resolutions every new year.

For many Americans, improving financially is one of the biggest goals for the new year. Did you know that refinancing your mortgage could possibly help you with your financial resolution?

Our team at Journey Home Lending wants to offer some tips to help you decide whether to refinance your home mortgage in 2022.

Why Refinancing in 2022 Makes So Much Sense!

Before you make the move to actually refinance your home, you want to make sure it is the right decision for you and your family.

There are many benefits that can come when refinancing your home. In most cases, you are able to lock in a lower interest rate. In addition, refinancing can help to open up some extra money in order to help pay off or consolidate debt, handle a financial emergency or tackle needed home renovations.

In addition, refinancing your home can help you move from an adjustable-rate mortgage to a fixed-rate mortgage, which could also help your financial health in the long run.

If any (or all) of the above sounds like something that could be good for you and your family, then let’s talk about refinancing your home mortgage this year!

The process to refinance your mortgage is similar to when you started your journey to getting pre-approved for a home loan. You will need to bring some of those same documents with you, such as recent pay stubs, W-2s and your bank statements.

Once we have those documents processed, we can work on getting you approved for refinancing! Are you ready?

Our experts at Journey Home Lending are dedicated to helping you find the right funding for your home refinance or purchase and walking with you every step of the process. Call us or send us a request to meet today to get a partner in the mortgage business!

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