The Packing Tips You Need

The Packing Tips You Need

The wait is over! It is finally time to move into your dream home. Once you have finished all the touring and all the paperwork, the hard part is over, right? Well, yes…and no.

While you may have secured the home you always wanted, now you have to actually pack all your belongings and get them there. So, what is the best way to pack everything?

Should you invest in packing boxes? Specialized tape? Label every box in a different color? Bubble-wrap your children?

Here are the packing tips you need to help you move with ease—and keep everything in one piece.

4 Simple Tips

If you Google packing tips, there is an endless number of resources, recommendations, company suggestions and everything else you can imagine. Most of the information is going to be repetitive, so sorting through it all to find the most useful parts can feel like falling down a rabbit hole.

The best thing you can do—is whatever works for you. The end goal is to get your possessions into your new home without losing or breaking them. If that means packing your toaster with your socks because there is space, so be it. Take the stress out of creating the perfect labeling system and the perfect boxes and be flexible with yourself as you go.

Now that you are more relaxed about the task at hand, consider these four tips as some of the best ways to get into that beautiful new home waiting for you.

  1. Plan early. Are you using a moving service or renting a truck to DIY? Either way, book as early as possible to secure your crew and stay on schedule. And speaking of schedule, make sure to have utilities turned on at your new home before your move-in day, and have them turned off a few days later at your previous residence in order to allow some cleaning time.
  2. Pack an overnight bag. If you are making a move within the same town, this may seem unnecessary. It isn’t. The moving van can break down before arriving, boxes can get jumbled or the move could simply take longer than planned. Rather than having to unpack after an exhausting day, keep essentials with you to get everyone to bed and also up and moving the next morning.
  3. Keep tools and hardware close by. When you take beds or other furniture apart, put all of the hardware into a zip lock bag, label it, and either secure it to the furniture well with a little painter’s tape or keep all the baggies with you. And don’t forget to throw in the Allen wrench that goes with the furniture so you aren’t digging for the right size later.
  4. Keep your boxes small. Going for the biggest boxes can be a tempting way to squeeze a lot into a little, and while a few big boxes can be a great way to transport light objects, stick with small boxes. Don’t overweight them either. Even if you are using a moving company, make sure you can pick up every box you pack. This will ensure boxes are handled with more care, don’t break, and that you can move them when they end up in the wrong place at the new house.

Don’t let having to pack up your possessions ruin the thrill of purchasing your new home. Start early and take it a box at a time. Clean out as much as possible, throw on some fun music and fill your boxes with whatever fits!

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