What to Do Before the Move

What to Do Before the Move

When you are planning a move, there is a good chance you have a pretty long to-do list. Moving can be stressful, and it can mean you are staying busy even long after you are in your new home.

It’s important in your busyness to ensure you are getting the right things done. Breaking your to-do lists down and creating a timeline for things to get done in is a terrific way to keep yourself organized and ready to settle into life in your new home faster.

With a pre-move to-do list, the new house you have purchased will be ready to live in right away. So, let’s look at everything that should be on it.

Make It Move-In Ready

Even if you are buying a brand-new house, personal touches are important for making a structure become a home. The more you can do ahead of actually moving your belongings in, the easier it will be to feel at home once you do.

If you are planning on making changes to the structure of the home, those renovations should be completed ahead of moving in. Painting is another step you can take before you bring your belongings over as well. It will be much easier to make each room of your home the exact color you want it to be when the rooms are open and empty.

Even if there are no changes to make, walk through your house before moving to measure bedrooms and living rooms. Take note of where outlets and light fixtures are while you do. This will make placing your furniture easier and can help you determine if you need to pair down or add to your current possessions.

Doing a thorough walkthrough ahead of moving your belongings in can also help you catch and correct any issues you didn’t see in the buying process. Realizing the small refrigerator or bright-red dishwasher you thought was “unusual and fun” when you viewed the home isn’t something you love will be easier to fix before you need to use them.

Flush It and Clean It

Measuring, painting and changing out appliances ahead of moving in isn’t the only way to make your home feel like yours from the start. Spend some time using your house as you will once you are living there so that you can get to know how everything works.

Flush the toilets and turn on the HVAC to ensure they are working properly. Even if you checked into this before you signed all the paperwork, running some of your appliances ahead of moving in will help you know what to expect when you are living there.

How loud is the heat or AC? Can you flush all the toilets at the same time? How long does the water in the kitchen take to heat up? The more you get to know your home, the more comfortable things will feel.

Giving your new house a thorough cleaning right before your move date is another great way to make sure you can settle in quickly. This is a great time to invest in professional cleaning, especially if you have done any kind of repair, renovation or painting. A professional can ensure there are no lingering odors and that dust hasn’t settled in anywhere.

If you haven’t already done so, transfer your utilities or have them turned on in your new home at least a day or more before your move date. You want to be able to cool or heat your home right away, as well as let the kids go potty the very moment you walk in the door.

Once your home is purchased and all yours, the more you can do ahead of moving your stuff in the better. You worked hard to find a home and deserve to be able to relax as fast as possible. Make a to-do list and knock out creating your space so that the house you bought becomes the sanctuary you dreamed of.

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