What to Know About Home Inspections

What to Know About Home Inspections

When you are buying a home, a home inspection is a customary part of the process. After all the looking and questioning, when you have found the home of your dreams your sights might only be set on moving in, but it is crucial to make sure that your eyes are not deceiving you and that your house is truly as beautiful as you think it is, inside and out.

Home inspections look over your home from top to bottom and examine every crack, both large and small. Home inspections give potential buyers and sellers much better insight into how a home will age over the years and can help designate true value.

Make sure you are getting everything you need out of your home inspections so all of your questions are answered, and you can refocus on moving into the house of your dreams.

Making the Right Choice

There are several different options for how you want your home inspection completed. Your insurance or mortgage type may have certain requirements that you will need to ensure you are meeting, but otherwise make the choice that is going to give you the information you need in a way that you can best understand.

If you are buying your very first home, hiring a licensed building inspector might be your best choice. While this may cost you more out of pocket, it will give you a very detailed behind-the-scenes look of the house you are hoping to purchase.

This is also a great choice if you are planning on renovating after purchasing your home, as it will provide a clearer picture of just exactly what you are facing in order to better plan your budget and avoid surprise issues.

You can also choose to have your inspection completed by a specialist contractor or a remodeling contractor. Specialty contractors can address specific areas you may be concerned about like the roof or basement, while a remodeling contractor can address areas that will need to be upgraded once you move in.

You can also choose to have an inspection completed by all three types of contractors. This can be particularly effective in understanding the long-term health of your new home.

Getting the Most Out of Your Inspection

Once you have chosen how to have your inspection completed, make sure you are ready to walk through your home and ensure you are getting the most out of it. The first step in doing that—be there.

Make sure you are present on the day of the inspection and come prepared with as many questions as you can. Take pictures as different areas or issues are pointed out, and don’t let notes go unnoticed when the inspector makes them. Pay careful attention to the electrical and plumbing systems as the inspector views them, and make sure to note any immediate changes you should ask for before finalizing your purchase.

While the big areas of your home should be well-inspected like the roof, any chimneys and fireplaces, basements, attics, and any other structural areas, don’t skimp on cosmetic problems your home may have. A motivated seller is almost always willing to make simple fixes before the sale is final, which can save you both time and money when the home becomes yours.

You found the home of your dreams—now make sure it has the bones to grow old with you and your family. Use your inspection wisely so that you can spend your days enjoying your space worry-free.

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