Whole-House Decluttering Tips

Whole-House Decluttering Tips

Congratulations, you’ve found the house of your dreams and it is time to move in. This is such an exciting time in your family’s life, but there’s one downside—all of the stuff.

Settling into your new home is a great feeling, but before you can even think about doing that, you have to pack up your old one.

If you feel overwhelmed by all of the stuff, we think these tips can help you declutter your home so you can pack up and move into your new place without a hitch!

Make a Plan

Before trying to pack everything all willy-nilly, create a game plan. What room will you do first? Maybe you can only squeeze in the junk drawer on particularly busy days, and that’s OK.

Depending on your timeline, you may be able to take your time or you may need to get things moving. An action plan can help guide you through your decluttering and provide motivation. Check items off as you go and congratulate yourself on your hard work!

Go Room by Room

If you’re on a tighter timeline and need to get packed up sooner rather than later, take the one-room-at-a-time approach. Dedicate one or two days to a particular room. The more items in the room, the longer it will likely take.

Learn to Let Go

Of course, you don’t want to get rid of sentimental items, but try to be realistic with non-sentimental things.

Do you really need three whisks when you only use them once or twice a year? What you get rid of is entirely up to you but being realistic with which items are used often and with duplicates can help you declutter your space more efficiently.

Label & Organize

When preparing for your decluttering journey, get a few boxes or bins that you’ll keep handy throughout the entire process. Visibly label the first box as donations and the second as trash. Of course, you can always have a sell box, as well (just remember to actually list and sell the items).

When you go from room to room, organize all of your unwanted items. Place items in their designated boxes and when decluttering has come to an end, each box has a place to go. Using boxes also makes bringing things to a donation center easier!

Decluttering is not the most fun part of moving into a new home, but it is a necessity. To prevent the excess stress of moving items you don’t even want, decluttering can help you feel more relaxed when unpacking in your new home.

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