Buying a Home

Your Journey Starts Here With The Right Mortgage Strategy

Getting a Mortgage to Buy a Home In Parker, Castle Rock, Lone Tree or Highlands Ranch

Buying a home in Colorado should be exciting and fun! With our unique real estate market you can sometimes make many offers before actually having your offer accepted.

Here are some key factors you should be prepared for:

  • If you are not a cash buyer, then you’ll want to get pre-approved. Contact us to get your pre-approval letter as this will greatly increase your chances of success. Generally, strong Realtors need you to be pre-approved before they’ll show you houses. That way if there are any issues that you’re not aware of, they can be addressed before you are under contract.
  • Don’t be surprised if homes you are bidding on end up selling for more than they are listed for. When this happens, we want you to be prepared.
  • One factor you should be educated on is the appraisal gap. If your offer is much higher than the asking price and the appraisal comes in lower than your offer, then you are responsible for covering this difference. You may need to bring the difference to the closing table in cash or we may be able to structure your purchase with very little change to your down payment and cash to close.

At Journey Home Lending we work well with Realtors and their buyers to help with the challenges of buying a home in continually changing real estate markets. We will work with you to obtain a pre-approval letter before you start shopping for a home. Plus we will create a Custom Loan Strategy and video to help you choose the best loan strategy to meet your current needs and your long-term financial goals. To get this process started today, call us at 303-660-4210 or send us your request via our contact page.

First-Time Homebuyers

We love to work with first-time homebuyersCheck out our unique process to help first-time homebuyers achieve their goals.

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